Anti-Static Tapes & Labels

Custom and stock printed tapes and labels that are used by the Electronics Industry.




Stock Imprinted
Yellow Vinyl Aisle Marking Tape with Over-Laminate
2" x 36 yds.
3" x 36 yds.



B44 AE 4" x 4"
C22 AE 2" x 2"

B44 CSE 4" x 4"
C22 CSE 2" x 2"

B44 ACS 4" x 4"
C22 ACS 2" x 2"

C153 DNO 1-1/2" x 3"
Flourescent Red

C13 AES 1" x 3"

C13 SSD 1" x 3"

C153 SS 1-1/2" x 3"

D25 2" x 5"
Reinforced Kraft
Gummed Paper Tape with Anti-Static Warning Messages

Non Printed Items
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Our motto sums up the way we do business and the reason for our success. By building loyal relationships within the industry and providing quality products, we maintain a network of distributors nationwide who depend on us for all their printed tape needs. Our steadfast dedication to that philosophy is the reason that our partnerships are profitable; both for us and for those we serve.

The Source for custom and stock printed tapes and labels

We feel strongly that custom printed tapes are viable and profitable products that should be discussed whenever you make a sales call. Companies are sealing their boxes with tape so why not offer the idea of advertising themselves on the tape as well? Custom printed tapes provide a dual role; sealing a box and advertising their company, product or message! Printed tapes can also contain tamper evident messages that can help prevent pilferage.

Let us help bring value to a commodity item by printing your customers’ names on their carton sealing tape and they will feel you’ve provided them with more value than just another disposable item.


Introducing a New Product to our line: Cold Temperature Tape. Performs under cold temps AND on recycled corrugated.

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